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As of 03:03 PM (update)

Route 426—Central Square, Lynn - Haymarket or Wonderland via Cliftondale Square

1 min—Haymarket via Cliftondale (#y0738) 0.3 miles away
5 min—Wonderland via Cliftondale (#y0868) 1.0 miles away
43 min—Haymarket via Cliftondale (#y0871) 0.7 miles away
63 min—Haymarket via Cliftondale (#y0846) 2.6 miles away

Route 436—Liberty Tree Mall - Central Square, Lynn via Goodwin Circle

7 min—West Lynn Garage via Central Square (#y0852) 1.2 miles away

Route 450—Salem Depot - Haymarket or Wonderland

65 min—Haymarket (#y0734) 4.8 miles away

Route 455—Salem Depot - Wonderland

20 min—Wonderland via Central Square (#y0771) 2.8 miles away
67 min—Wonderland via Central Square (#y0844) 3.6 miles away
92 min—Wonderland via Central Square (#y0850) 1.2 miles away

Map view of 743 Western Ave