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As of 04:26 PM (update)

Route 88—Clarendon Hill - Lechmere Station

35 min—Clarendon Hill (#y2050) 1.2 miles away
67 min—Clarendon Hill

Route 87—Clarendon Hill or Arlington Center - Lechmere Station

10 min—Clarendon Hill (#y1934) 1.7 miles away
49 min—Clarendon Hill

Route 89—Clarendon Hill or Davis Station - Sullivan Square Station

4 min—Sullivan (#y2054) Arriving
51 min—Sullivan

Route 90—Davis Station - Assembly Row

There are currently no predictions for this route at this stop.

Route 94—Medford Square - Davis Station

41 min—Medford Square (#y1984) 1.7 miles away

Route 96—Medford Square - Harvard Station

28 min—Medford Square (#y1946) 0.4 miles away

Map view of Davis