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As of 10:03 AM (update)

Route 108—Linden Square - Wellington Station

31 min—Linden Square (#y2107) 3.4 miles away
70 min—Linden Square (#y0892) 3.1 miles away

Route 411—Kennedy Drive or Jack Satter House - Malden Center Station

8 min—Jack Satter House (#y0851) 0.9 miles away
77 min—Jack Satter House (#y1409) 2.2 miles away

Route 426—Central Square, Lynn - Haymarket or Wonderland Station

2 min—Haymarket via Cliftondale (#y3329) 0.7 miles away
60 min—Haymarket via Cliftondale

Route 429—Northgate Shopping Center - Central Square, Lynn

2 min—Northgate Shopping Center via Square One Mall (#y3103) 1.2 miles away

Map view of Lynn St @ Oliver St